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Satya: Living a life based in truth.


When Satya opened in March of 2017, owner Jackie Justice was taking a leap of faith to live her life based in her truth. Jackie had been a stylist since 1988 and decided that opening a salon was the next milestone on her journey of empowerment. With Satya’s creation, Jackie began an even deeper dive into claiming her power.


In the many years that Jackie has spent working with clients in the salon chair, she has come to realize that beauty goes beyond skin deep, which is why Satya offers such an incredible variety of treatments- for mind, body, and spirit. Satya Salon is comprised of a team of amazing stylists and beauty experts, all of whom see their work as a calling to help bring people back to themselves. Jackie is a strong yet laid back leader who has created a relaxed and sacred environment where people leave feeling empowered and looking great. 


When clients walk into Satya, they can expect to be able to get exactly what they want- the perfect color or cut, amazing eyebrows, glowing skin, or a relaxing massage. What makes Satya different from other salons is everything else that’s available. Jackie is a certified life coach, nutritionist, yoga teacher and energy healer and the environment of Satya reflects that. Essential oils, relaxing neck and scalp massages,  and chakra balancing are incorporated into the beauty treatments. Clients can sign up for one-on-one yoga or receive a facial- whatever is called for to have them looking and feeling like their best selves!

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