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Nutrition | Fort Wane, IN | Satya Beauty & Wellness

Holistic nutrition and weight loss coaching is individualized to a clients personal struggles and needs.  We look at diet, nutritional needs,  conscious and potential subconscious behaviors and emotions sabotaging your eating and health,  exercise,  self-care,  habits,   lifestyle,  daily rituals and more.  Working to improve your relationship with food and your body for better health and happiness. Coached by Jackie Justice, CTNC (see the ABOUT section for her complete bio).  

Weight Loss | Fort Wane, IN | Satya Beauty & Wellness
  • Meal planning

  • Stop dieting & learn to make healthy eating your lifestyle

  • Discover the deeper reasons you're eating when you're not hungry

  • Distinguish physical from emotional hunger

  • Learn conscious eating

  • Boost energy

  • Boost metabolism

  • Learn tools to manage stress & anxiety

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food & your body

  • Develop better self-esteem

  • Feel more comfortable & confident in your clothes

"who I am is always changing, not because I am being fake, but because I am always open to growth and transformation"

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